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Sarpaneva’s Northern Lights

Stepan Sarpaneva produces much of his own timepieces in his workshop in Helsinki. This artist and machinist is best known for his distinctive “moon face” moonphase indicator display on many of his watches that is actually inspired by his own face. The original timepieces Sarpaneva’s go well with those who like good watches produced in exclusive batches by passionate artists. For 2015, Sarpaneva teams up with Black Badger to create the Sarpaneva Northern Lights which takes one of his most successful designs and adds three different Black Badger lume dials in either purple, blue, or green. Black Badger produces not lume paint, but actual luminant composite materials that could be absolutely innovative for the watch industry. Limited to just eight watches each, the Sarpaneva Northern Lights watches aren’t just amazingly cool, they are likely the start of a major new material trend. Price for the Sarpaneva Northern Lights limited edition watches is 14,500 Euros each.

Baselshows-Sarpaneva's Northern Lights-Korona-K0-Northern-Lights-Lume  Sarpaneva’s Northern Lights Baselshows Sarpanevas Northern Lights Korona K0 Northern Lights Lume

Nevetheless, it is an amazing thing for watchmakers to add some new colors or highlights different elements and hidden features on watches. Then, Basleshows wonders why there are so few brands that don’t think out of the box? The luminescent materials could be used more creatively.

Baselshows-Sarpaneva's Northern Lights-Northern Lights  Sarpaneva’s Northern Lights Baselshows Sarpanevas Northern Lights Northern Lights


Sarpaneva’s Northern Lights bl luxury safes 750

As for those watches, Sarpaneva used his Korona Ko dive watch design, with a huge 46 millimeter wide, stunningly crafted stainless steel case and a DLC-coated, laser-cut, skeletonized dial, only to set it alight in the dark by using a proprietary luminescent material. Baselshows-Sarpaneva's Northern Lights-Stepan  Sarpaneva’s Northern Lights Baselshows Sarpanevas Northern Lights Stepan

Let’s take a closer look on Thompson and Sarpaneva first met last year at SalomQP in London and quickly decided to work together on a new project – The Sarpaneva Korona K0 Northern Lights. This idea came from the fabulous looking light display in the sky in Arctic and Antarctic regions.Baselshows-Sarpaneva's Northern Lights-Lights  Sarpaneva’s Northern Lights Baselshows Sarpanevas Northern Lights Lights


Sarpaneva’s Northern Lights bb art 750

Baselshows-Sarpaneva's Northern Lights-Stepan-Sarpaneva  Sarpaneva’s Northern Lights Baselshows Sarpanevas Northern Lights Stepan Sarpaneva

After charging for just a few seconds with a UV lamp it provides a glow that is visible even with ambient lighting on – of course no as bright as when viewed in the dark. Check out those “Radar Green”, “Aqua Blue”, or “Purple Reign” deep colors ! All components of the watch are, of course, of very high quality.


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