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The work and incredible luxury scenarios of Swiss company Abita


Abita is an innovative Swiss interior design company currently managed by Sergio Dentello. Its headquarters are located in Lugano, Switzerland, and it’s a good example of a luxury brand that has a lot of historical basis and inspiration from Italy. Basel Shows will take this moment to take you on a little tour through the history and design talents of Abita.

The work and incredible luxury scenarios of Swiss company Abita
All photo credits belong to Abita

Abita’s business was originally established during the year 2007, despite the fact that their family business only officially started all the way back in 1965. The Swiss brand shares a major historical tradition on the products made in Italy.

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Abita is a brand which features amazing interior design projects, on both a commercial and residential level. According to their own homepage, they define themselves asa net of 20 Companies, each of them focused on a different product, joined together with the same goal: bringing the made in Italy excellence into big contract projects”. Since their business began to grow they’ve managed to realize many important projects worldwide mainly in every corner of Europe as well as the Middle East.

This company’s main goal relies on the display of perfect settings, that aligns beautifully with the luxury concept. According to their words read on their website, “an interior is the natural projection of the soul”, which means that they commit to creating the most amazing design vision.

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The current team is composed by Sergio Dentello, Sonia Sidotti, Luca Mapelli, Ilenia Prati, Giacomo Maizza, Nertila Guri, Julia Kalinina, Erika Dentello and Francesca Ragusa Van Meer. These people are in constant in contact with their clients, and after recognizing the needs and ideas, the firm projects the most faithful and luxurious settings in that sense.

While you’re still here take a moment to inspire yourself with some amazing designs from France:


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