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Top 5 places where celebrities hang out in Switzerland


Switzerland has been a favorite destination for celebrities for several years now. Not only because of the privacy factor but also because of some beautiful places and sights.

The country has been very complimented by A-listers not only because of the respect for one’s privacy but also due to the hospitality and generosity that is very common among Swiss people. We give you a list of five places where people like to hang out in Switzerland, highlighting some particular spots within these locations.


This is the country’s fourth largest city and one that draws many celebrities, especially towards their several luxurious hotels.  For example during the 1930s author F. Scott Fitzgerald stayed at the Hôtel de la Paix while his wife was in a local sanatorium. Since then the visits have increased after all these years.

Top 5 places where celebrities hang out in Switzerland

However, the main example we present here is The Beau Rivage, a place which was very beloved by Coco Channel. Channel had the privilege of having an extended residency at this spot between both the World Wars. Today both of these hotels are two amongst a chain that draws celebrities in.


This village is seen as a resort for several celebrities, some of them including Madonna, Anne Hathaway, Valentino (the fashion designer). Some of them even reside here the most prevalent example being Julie Andrews who was made an honorary citizen in the year 2014.

One great reference in this spot is the Gstaad Palace Hotel, built in 1913 and becoming one of the most cherished hotels in the country, especially by its wealth guests (among them several celebrities of course). The glamour that defines this place is more present during winter time especially when it’s time to enjoy the snowy mountains in the surrounding area.


This is a place beloved by names such as the Beckhams, Bono, Ronan Keating and Richard Branson (who has his chalet for rent complete with 18 staff to those who are interested).

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The spot we highlight here is the restaurant La Vache. What’s so special about this restaurant aside from is refined inside decoration? The fact that singer James Blunt owns this establishment and made it into a spot where some other celebrities sometimes come to hang out (one example being singer Ed Sheraan).


Zermatt is another reference when it comes to ski lovers. There are two musicians who actually have their own chalet here: Phil Collins and Abba’s Frida Lyngstad. This is also a favorite hangout place for names like Nicole Kidman, Sting, and the current German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

A favorite spot by many of the A-listers is the restaurant Chez Vrony. What began as a small spartan farmhouse soon became one of the most well-known spots in this location. It has a very classical decoration however many of the people who go to this restaurant choose to eat outside… and we can definitely see why!

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Crans Montana

Crans Montana is often referenced as a perfect spot for skiing and this may be because a certain well-known movie star (you may like this, especially if you’re a fan of the James Bond movies) owns a famous chalet here.

Roger Moore, a former actor, owns a chalet that draws many celebrities to it each year. It’s the perfect spot for sunny skiing during the winter and a marvel to play golf during the summer. The thing the former James Bond enjoys most than his business? The peace and quiet of this place.

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