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Meet FTA: a company with furniture that brings us back to the past

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FTA (also known as Film Und Theater Ausstattung) consists of a design company that has an amazing stock of vintage furniture that can be used for cinema, tv, series, shows and other amazing events within the universe of celebrities. Today we’re letting you in on a couple of examples from their stock.

Meet FTA: a company with furniture that brings us back to the past
All photo credits belong to FTA

FTA has an amazing stock of items that include a unique inventory of small props and costumes, as well as an amazing array of furniture, lamps, fabrics, rugs and many other unique types of furnishings. They have every type of approach, from antiquity to the present, being able to decorate vintage and modern interiors for sets and other types of events related to celebrities. Whatever the situation FTA has the appropriate furnishings.

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FTA has had a lot of partnerships for both the rental and sale of costumes, as well as providing several items of furniture and furnishings for film, television and theatre productions. The company provides these same items for services of advertising, window display design and events. They also provide a delivery service regardless of the location of the set or event through their extensive international contacts composed of both manufacturers and cooperation partners.

With the proper budget for their clients, FTA handles tasks such as studio construction and furnishing, as well as providing adequate support in the early phase of a project. They also have several contacts with suppliers that will carry out the service in the most effective and detailed way. They are located in several places among them being Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, and Cologne, however, they have a new showroom prepared for services such as photo and film shoots or as an event space, despite the fact that they can set up this scenario in almost every space.

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FTA has managed to be part of almost every German film produced, as well as more than one TV movie project counting with “Tatort”, “Bella Block” and “Morden im Norden”. They continue to become one of the best companies to help these companies.


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