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A look at the inspiring interior design of Stephanie Coutas

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Stephanie Coutasname might sound familiar to you and you wouldn’t be wrong to feel that way: she was selected as one of the 100 best designers in the world, according to Andrew Martin Interior Design Review. Let’s look at what makes her work and legacy worthy of such an honourable mention.

A look at the inspiring interior design of Stephanie Coutas
All photo credits go to Stephanie Coutas

The best way to define Stephanie Coutas’ work is by looking at her unique take on the area of interior design. She’s quite well known for her use of noble materials, bespoke pieces and creative settings, something we can see by her incredibly luxurious examples of amazing interior design projects.

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Stephanie Coutas first set up her agency all the way back in 2005, and since then she has managed to reunite a highly-qualified team of architects, interior designers, designers, all of whom have worked in close cooperation with high-quality craftsmen. And judging by her out-of-the-box projects embellished with top bespoke pieces is it any wonder she was pointed as one of the 100 best designers in the world?

Part of the reason why Stephanie Coutas’ design style is so unique has to do with her childhood in Hong Kong, where she got to learn all about the beautiful combination of cultures (Asian and European mostly). This is very noticeable due to her use of customized pieces, high-quality materials and her whole creative concept within her projects, mixing in neoclassical with contemporary.

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Not only does Stephanie Coutas have her own furniture collections, but she also has had the privilege of being behind the interior design projects of some of several types of companies, mainly private residences, Hotels and SPAs and other types of establishments. The best way to define her style on all these areas is best defined by her “joie de vivre”.

Elegance is what best defines the extensive work done by this team who makes sure to give a timeless feel to any room or piece of furniture they’ve ever taken on. It’s a good example of how Stephanie, despite having grown in a different country, knows what best defines the quality and top crafts of France.

While you’re here take some time to feel inspired by some amazing French interior design examples:


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