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Valentine’s Escapade: Switzerland’s most suitable hotels

Because Valentine’s day is coming and Switzerland is always a classic and romantic destination for winter escapades, Basel Shows selected some of the most suitable luxury hotels of the country for you to spend this special date with your better half.

Switzerland is all in one, the country has beautiful landscapes, luxury streets and it’s one of the best places for winter sports. Therefore, you can ski on the Swiss Alps, shopping at Rue do Rhône or go for a romantic walk next Lake Léman.

Surprise your valentine with a luxury spa and hotel in Switzerland.


Hotel de la Paix

Switzerland’s most luxurious hotels

hotel de la paix geneva-basel shows-Switzerland's best hotels


Hotel Baur au Lac

Hotel Baur au Lac-switzerland romantic hotels

Hotel Baur au Lac-switzerland romantic hotels-basel shows


Palace Hotel Luzern

Palace Hotel Luzern-switzerland-romantic hotels-valentines day

Palace Hotel Luzern-basel shows-switzerland romantic hotels





Hotel Weggis and Ipare Spa

Hotel Weggis and Ipare Spa- Lake Lucerne, Switzerland-basel shows

Hotel Weggis and Ipare Spa- Lake Lucerne, Switzerland-


Tschuggen Grand Hotel

Tschuggen Grand Hotel-SWITZERLAND ROMANTIC HOTELS-Basel shows

Tschuggen Grand Hotel-basel shows

We think the best Valentine city breaks should be stress-free time enjoyed in each other’s company, and if the accommodation is a luxury hotel, so much the better!

Which of the following hotels would you pick for your Valentine’s Day?

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