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The most luxurious villa in Saint Tropez

Luxury is a word and a concept that’s thrown around so many times, but you’ll change your mind when you read this post. The most expensive homes will present to you one of the most beautiful, classy, extravagant and amazing villas out there..

If you’re looking for a place to rent in Saint Tropez, France you found it.

This is a recently renovated seven (spacious) bedroom Provencal house (or dream) that’s simply mind blowing…

Imagem 1Location is not a problem. If you like to go to the beach (that mean leaving that fantastic, beautiful and big pool alone) you just have to drive 3 minutes. When you want to go to the center of Saint Tropez that will take only 4 minutes.

This house allows you to do so much. When i look at it i think: party  You can organize a huge barbecue, a tennis game, enjoy the scenery with your friends in the garden or relax a little in the pool house. Life can’t get better.

Imagem 3

The master bedroom is in a class of its own, literally. If you’re the lucky one that stays in that room you’ll  have a private floor, an ocean view and a balcony. That’s good right?

You might think that the others i’ll envy you, but the 5 double bedrooms on the ground floor have direct access to the swimming pool. If someone gets too hot in the night..

Imagem 2

If you are the kind of person who thinks that air travel is so much better, and if you are a lucky owner of a helicopter, this villa got you covered: there’s a heli pad. Yes. Really.

Saint Tropez is a prestigious city with some of the most beautiful, modern and expensive houses in the world. This is one of those. And you can rent it (just if you have deep, deep pockets).

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