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Design Miami/Basel 2017: Thom Browne as Curator for Design at Large

Design Miami/Basel 2017: Thom Browne as Curator for Design at Large – Design at Large and Design Curio exhibitions return for their fourth and third turns, respectively, with new concepts and influencers producing a standout set of never-before-seen environments distinct from the overall gallery program.

Design Miami/ Basel has tapped the visionary mind of notable American fashion
designer Thom Browne to bring to life the 2017 Design at Large installation. This is the
first time a fashion designer will conceive the ambitious, large-scale presentation.
Known for his conceptual installations, Browne will exhibit a vast grid of the most
important desks from the last one hundred years, including statement pieces from
masters such as Jean Prouvé and Ron Arad, beside the set installation from his Fall /
Winter 2014 Men’s Runway Show. Alongside the centennial of significant desks in
design history, the exhibition will be animated by a choreographed performance
conceived specifically for Design at Large focusing on young design students and their
creative interactions with the installation. This performance will mark the current
shifts in traditional work styles, question the desk typology, and reconsider today’s
adapted styles of working.

The 2017 Design Curios offer snapshots into today’s design landscape through ten
focused vignettes created specifically to debut within the fair’s halls. Interspersed
throughout the gallery program, the Curio spaces provide surprising installations for
guests to explore that uncover a departure from previous interpretations of collectible
design and that offer new ideas, experiences, and materials. Spanning the twentieth
and twenty-first centuries, the presentations draw from artists and designers whose
work intersects with film, fashion, jewelry, architecture, porcelain, and performance.


2017 Design Miami/ Basel Design Curios

Design Miami/Basel 2017: Thom Browne as Curator for Design at Large Design Miami/Basel 2017: Thom Browne as Curator for Design at Large Design Miami/Basel 2017: Thom Browne as Curator for Design at Large Design Miami/Basel 2017: Thom Browne as Curator for Design at Large Design Miami/Basel 2017: Thom Browne as Curator for Design at Large Design Miami/Basel 2017: Thom Browne as Curator for Design at Large v

88 Gallery presents ROBERT GOOSSENS (1927–2016)
88 Gallery has amassed a rare visual collection of the life and work of the late Robert
Goossens, the famed artist and designer of fashion houses Chanel and Yves Saint
Laurent. The presentation will bring together an iconic selection of his pieces in
bronze, gold, and rock crystal, including mirrors, lighting, and a variety of small

Atelier Swarovski presents Atelier Swarovski Home
Over the past 122 years, Swarovski has pushed the medium of crystal as a design
material to its technical limits, resulting in unique and inventive interpretations.
Atelier Swarovski Home, launched in 2016, continues with this spirit of innovation and
will present its latest home collections, boasting new crystal forms such as a limitededition
centerpiece by Zaha Hadid in 24-carat gold and wave-cut crystal, modular
single stem vases by Aldo Bakker in crystal and natural stones, and an architectural
chess set by Daniel Libeskind.

Label Dalbin presents Table.Video
Walls are filled with works of art, videos require a special installation. The Table.Video
aims to provide living on a daily basis with your video art collection. The connected
object displays videos and images conceived by artists, uploaded by the user, and
combines the classic function of furniture with a display surface of still and moving
images in the heart of your exhibition space. Here, the digital image becomes a new
material, alive, bright and with infinite variations.

OV Project presents Elias Hansen and Oscar Tuazon
OV Project, conceived by Olivier Vrankenne, aims to create “projects in a room.” OV
Project will bring together the Seattle-based artists and brothers Elias Hansen and
Oscar Tuazon, whose respective sculpture practices share an interest in subverting
materials and places from their original functions and physicalities.

Design Miami/Basel 2017: Thom Browne as Curator for Design at Large

Oscar Humphries presents Teatro Mollino
In 1952 architect, photographer, and designer Carlo Mollino collaborated with
architect Aldo Morbelli to design the interior of the RAI Auditorium in Torino. Since its
subsequent renovation, the vast majority of its chairs have been lost and the building
drastically changed. Oscar Humphries will bring together a group of the original chairs
made by Mollino and recreate the theater for which they were originally conceived.
Theater and Mollino are indivisible––this presentation will explore that intriguing

Priveekollektie Contemporary Art | Design presents Dominic Harris and Oliver Smart
Priveekollektie Contemporary Art | Design will present a collaboration between the
investigations of Dominic Harris’s work and the design and performance aspects of
Oliver Smart’s process to uncover, simplify, and abbreviate the essential movements
and behaviors of a butterfly. The two interrogate nature and movement to produce a
puppet butterfly that uncovers its essential character in physical appearance and
mechanical movement.

Scholten & Baijings presents 2016/ Editions
The Dutch design duo Scholten & Baijings, Japanese Architect Sano Fumihiko, and
kimono designer Takahashi Hiroko have teamed up to celebrate four hundred years of
Arita porcelain and will present a new Arita collection of twenty-seven pieces of
tableware. To produce these dishes, the team applied abstract patterns of traditional
motifs, studied Arita’s historical collections, sifted through museums and the archives
of the Hataman Touen pottery and, in the process, rediscovered and brought back to
life long-forgotten techniques.

Thom Browne, Thom Browne, Thom Browne, Thom Browne

Sokyo Gallery presents Ceramic Garden
The traditional Japanese Zen Garden is comprised of sand and rocks, symbolizing
mountains and rivers, a space for meditation. Sokyo Gallery has reimagined the
doctrinal Japanese Zen Garden, replacing traditional rocks with the installation of
fifteen provocatively updated ceramics and paintings–in Chinese philosophy, the
number fifteen symbolizes perfection. Artists Kentaro Kawabata, Satoshi Kino, Eiko
Kishi, Toru Kurokawa and Heechang Yoon have designed the garden with Japanese
aesthetic and philosophy along with a twist. The viewer is unable to see the last rock
from any direction and is forced to observe the last rock with their imagination.

SUPERGUFRAM presents Studio Job

Under the direction of Creative Director Charley Vezza, the Gufram legacy has taken on a new contemporary iteration in the form of SUPERGUFRAM. For Design Miami/ Basel, SUPERGUFRAM has teamed up with Studio Job to create a series of limited-edition pieces using the Gufram brand’s iconic polyurethane foam mixed with the hard surfaces characteristic of Studio Job. The results will include a punching bag in orange brick pattern, a literal take on the coffee table that features coffee “steam” as the table’s surface, a moon cupboard that revisits their notorious Globe Cabinet, a wall divider made of four elements referring to the unlikely bark of a tree, and a shiny globe stand.

Suzanne Syz Art Jewels presents Alex Israel
Renowned for her highly original and unconventional jewelry designs, Suzanne Syz will
present her second project in a series in which contemporary artists are invited to
reenvision the jewelry box. This collaboration with American artist Alex Israel will
consist of five one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces, each contained within a jewelry box
sculpture made of painted ceramic and hand-blown glass. Israel also designed the
concept for Syz’s booth, which includes a frozen yogurt machine, vintage furniture,
and wallpaper that represents glass bricks.


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