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10+ Places to Visit in Basel

10+ Places to Visit in Basel – Packing to Basel in Switzerland? Basel Shows help you to organize a great trip!

10+ Places to Visit in Basel 10+ Places to Visit in Basel 10+ Places to Visit in Basel

Vitra Campus Museum
Showcasing the works of the adjoining, eponymous high-end furniture manufacturer, Vitra Campus comprises the dazzling Vitra Design Museum (of Guggenheim Bilbao architect Frank Gehry fame).

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10+ Places to Visit in Basel

Augusta Raurica Ruins
About 17km east of Basel, on the Rhine’s south bank, Switzerland’s largest Roman ruins are the last remnants of a colony founded in 43 BC, the population of which grew to 20,000 by the 2nd century AD.

Fondation Beyeler Museum
This astounding private-turned-public collection, assembled by former art dealers Hildy and Ernst Beyeler, is housed in a long, low, light-filled, open-plan building designed by Italian architect Renzo Piano.

Kunstmuseum Basel Museum
Housing the most comprehensive collection of public art in Switzerland, the superb fine arts museum reopened in mid-2016 after updates to the existing galleries (Hauptbau) and construction of a new modernist wing.

Museum Jean Tinguely
Built by leading Ticino architect Mario Botta, this museum showcases the playful, mischievous and downright wacky artistic concoctions of sculptor-turned-mad-scientist Jean Tinguely.

10+ Places to Visit in Basel

Spielzeug Welten Museum
Adults and kids alike love this fascinating and lovingly curated fantasy land claiming the world’s biggest collection of teddy bears and a slew of extraordinarily detailed doll houses.
Mittlere Brücke Bridge
It’s hard to believe that this bridge, the symbol of Basel, has been spanning the rushing Rhine, connecting lofty Grossbasel with lowly Kleinbasel, since 1226.

Marktplatz Square
Begin exploring Basel’s delightful medieval Old Town in the Marktplatz, dominated by the astonishingly vivid red facade of the 16th-century Rathaus.

Museum für Geschichte
This flagship of three museums operating under the banner of ‘Historisches Museum Basel’ (Basel Historical Museum), which opened in 1894, is well worth a look.

10+ Places to Visit in Basel

Feldschlösschen Brewery
In Rheinfelden, 17km east of Basel, you’ll find the Feldschlösschen brewery, housed in a 19th-century building with a name that means ‘little castle in the field’ – an accurate tag.

10+ Places to Visit in Basel

Münster Cathedral
Blending Gothic exteriors with Romanesque interiors, this 13th-century cathedral was largely rebuilt after an earthquake in 1356.

Naturhistorisches Museum
With almost eight million objects and artefacts relating to zoology, anthropology and archaeology in its holdings, the mission of the Natural History Museum is to maintain an archive of human and animal life.

Schweizerisches Museum für Papier, Schrift und Druck
Set in an old paper mill astride a medieval canal and complete with a functioning waterwheel, the Paper Museum evokes centuries past, when a dozen mills operated nearby.

Museum für Wohnkultur
Housed in the beautiful Haus zum Kirschgarten building (1780), this lovely museum features two floors of the house with rooms laid out immaculately in the style of 18th- and 19th-century.

10+ Places to Visit in Basel

Rathaus Building
The centre of business-minded Basel’s delightful medieval Old Town is Marktplatz, which is dominated by the astonishingly vivid red facade of the 16th-century town hall.

Lällekönig Statue
You’ll find this replica of the 15th-century animated bust of the Lällekönig (Tongue King) on the Grossbasel side of the Mittlere Brücke, sticking his tongue out and rolling his eyes at the ‘lowly’ residents.

Schaulager Gallery
Designed by Herzog & de Meuron, this sharply contoured, modernist art bunker displays huge video screens on the front facade, giving you a foretaste of the rolling temporary exhibitions inside.

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Barfüsserplatz Square
This bustling square is named after the barefoot Franciscan friars who founded the eponymous Barfüsserkirche (Barefooted Ones Church) here in the 14th century. Shops and eateries abound in the surrounding lanes.

10+ Places to Visit in Basel

Tinguely Brunnen Fountain
With its riot of wacky machines spewing and shooting forth water, this zany fountain offers a taste of the madcap moving sculptures to be found in the Museum Jean Tinguely.

Elsässertor – Architecture
Designed by world-renowned Basel architects Herzog & de Meuron, this angular glass commercial building (its name means ‘Alsace Gate’) was completed in 2004.

Zentralstellwerk – Architecture
You have to love the Swiss for enlisting some of the world’s best-known architects, albeit homegrown ones (Herzog & de Meuron), to design something as rudimentary as a railway signal box.

Source: lonely planet

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