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Holiday Gift Guide for Billionaires

Holiday Gift Guide for Billionaires – December is time for holiday shopping. It is time to rack your brains, scan gift guides and think of unique gift ideas for friends and family. And if you are a billionaire, start shopping for the most expensive things that you can buy. Need help? Check out our holiday gift guide for billionaires.

Holiday Gift Guide for Billionaires

Knox Safe

Price: $69.530


Fort Knox is home to one of the world’s most notorious gold vaults, known for it’s incredibly high security standards and impenetrability. Inspired by this safe-haven, the Knox Safe represents an inviolable barrier between the world and your most valuable treasures. With design traits and details very similar to those found on the world famous Fort Knox gold vaults, this luxury safe features incredible finishes and detailed work. Its interior is fully customisable, with fittings for watch winders, jewellery drawers, and even cigar humidors, making the Knox Place the right place to keep your valuables, with a guaranteed design experience that only Boca do Lobo delivers.


Holiday Gift Guide for Billionaires

Dream Folly Tent

Price: $75,000

We have heard of glamping (luxury camping, for the uninitiated), but rarely have we seen a tent as lavish as this one. Featured in the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book, this ostentatious outdoor home measures 18 feet in diameter and offers a range of expensive furnishings and goodies inside. We especially love the bespoke crystal chandelier from Julie Neill Designs. Plus, Neiman Marcus will be donating $5,000 from each sale to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Christmas, after all, is a time for giving.


Holiday Gift Guide for Billionaires

The Row’s Alligator Backpack

Price: $39,000

Backpacks shouldn’t be too expensive. Or so you think. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s label, The Row, was offering a $39,000 backpack made of alligator leather. The simple design makes it a perfect fit for any casual chic look. But whether you would be comfortable placing a water-bottle inside this expensive bag is another matter altogether.

Holiday Gift Guide for Billionaires

Louis Vuitton Skateboards

Price: $8,250

Skateboards are generally affordable. But not when Louis Vuitton stamps them with their luxury touch. Inspired by 1980s graffiti artist and fashion designer Stephen Sprouse, these cool skateboards are among the most expensive things that money can buy. Brightly colored graffiti provide a youthful feel to these designer skateboards that come in hard case skateboard trunks bearing the Louis Vuitton monogram pattern.

Holiday Gift Guide for Billionaires

Nolet’s Reserve Dry Gin

Price: $700

If you love fine alcohol, the Nolet’s Reserve Dry Gin could prove to be a wonderful purchase this Christmas season. Priced at $700 a bottle, Nolet’s Reserve is one of the most expensive gins that money can buy. What makes it more special is that it is an exclusive limited edition sipping gin.

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