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Luxury Safes by the Hand of Master Artisans

Now that Baselworld 2014 is coming, Baselshows take you to a world of expensive dreams and finest taste, featuring two brands that captured our attention, either by the fabulous craftmanship, either by the unique and exclusive pieces.

Baselworld is the most important event of jewelry and watches on earth, the one that gathers the most luxurious and exclusive brand, showing the world their expensive and unique products.

One of the brands that will show their latest collections at Baselworld 2014 will be Agresti.

Born in Florence in 1949, Agresti is one of the few manufacturers which perform all different stages of production under the same roof, from raw wood, through glueing, sanding, spraying and lining.

Their portfolio says everything: Florentine craftsmanship. Design, Function, Quality and Luxury are the features that make their creations unique.

Combining precious woods and metals, with original ideas, handmade by Florentine artisans, Agresti products are different from the rest, making this brand a leader in a niche of the luxury market.

Luxury Safes by the Hand of Master Artisans - Agresti

Do you have a secret that you want to preserve?

If yes, Baselshows is pleased to share with you another preview of what you’ll see at Baselworld 2014. We’re talking about Boca do Lobo, a brand that inspires passion in their unique and exclusive creations of pure art.

To present you their latest collection, we want to ask you something. What is the purpose of watches and jewels?

We think that their purpose is not just to be able to tell time or make a neck more beautiful. Their real purpose is to please the buyer at the moment of purchase, leaving a longing sense of positive emotions which can carry on in the future.

But something that precious deserves to be saved in a common and simple safe box?

Of course not! It deserves something special, your precious watches and jewels deserves unique and exclusive safe boxes that are timeless masterpieces, and to accomplish that, Boca do Lobo’s team of designers and master artisans brought to life the Private Collection.

Luxury Safes by the Hand of Master Artisans - Boca do Lobo - Private Collection

Hyper luxury is the best definition to this collection, that takes you to scenes strongly creased in our memory, deeply enriched by today’s visual culture. Private Collection was designed to keep safe all those things we value so highly, while offering the perfect setting to envelope the exquisite treasures.

Luxury Safes by the Hand of Master Artisans - Boca do Lobo - Private Collection

Boca do Lobo Private Collection is a pleasure that will be fully unveiled very soon, at Baselworld 2014, Hall 2.2 Stand E41.



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