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Luxurious BVLGARI’s Collection for Baselworld 2015

If you are looking up for the masterpieces of the Italian jewellery and luxury goods, you clearly heard about this brand before. BVLGARI, written in classical Latin Alphabet, is named after the company’s Greek founder – Sotirios Bulgaris.

Baselshows-Luxurious BVLGARI's Collection for Baselworld 2015-Magnesium

For BASELWORLD 2015 they prepared something simply amazing – Diagono Magnesium and their advertise it with the words “Unlock the Future” and “100% Swiss, 100% security 100% Luxury, 0% Gadget” , basically it is made to guarantee total security of personal information. A self-winding mechanical watch incorporating all the codes of luxury, as well as an electronic passport connected to the watch – those confidential data are under total protection. We can easily called an intelligent, wearable wrist-VAULT, and it is the final result of a partnership between the famous Italian brand and WISeKey, a leading Swiss company in digital security and data storage. Sounds impressive, doesn’t it?

Baselshows-Luxurious BVLGARI's Collection for Baselworld 2015-Bulgari Vault



First intelligent luxury from the brand that no one expected it. The possibilities of this technology are almost unlimited : make payment and transmit direct marketing, opening doors, cars, make calls, data transfer, transport tickets… We can’t even list them all, and the concept is being presented at Baselworld. It comes with NFC chip, invisible antenna and accompanying application.

Baselshows-Luxurious BVLGARI's Collection for Baselworld 2015-luxury

It is not a gadget but a mechanical wristwatch. It is important to say that only the owner of the watch has an access to the confidential content. NFC technology is the most secure because it requires two devices to be very close together in order for them to connect. It is not the same situation that has Bluetooth or any other wireless technologies.

Baselshows-Luxurious BVLGARI's Collection for Baselworld 2015-WISEkey



The encrypted information is stored on a cloud buried in a Swiss military bunker, somewhere in the Alps. “Diagono Magnesium is the key and it is always with its owner.” Declared Carlos Moreia, the CEO of WISEKey. Well, so far we have to keep in mind that it is only a concept but BVLGARI already plans many, many more from this series.

Baselshows-Luxurious BVLGARI's Collection for Baselworld 2015-Bulgari Magnesium

Nevertheless, they introduce three materials that are used rarely in the watch world : and the most important is the magnesium- much more stronger than aluminium. They have a plan to release the Magnesium collection in Fall 2015.

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