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Haute Couture Jewelry Trends at Baselworld

Pasquale Bruni presented to Baselworld 2015 edition Ghirlanda Afrodite and Iside. These jewelry haute couture pieces have been highlighted at Baselworld show, you will need to know them!

Haute Couture Jewelry Trends at Baselworld  (3)The journey of the iconic Ghirlanda collection by Pasquale Bruni through cultures and colours continues. Launched in 2002 by Eugenia Bruni, Creative Director of the Maison, Ghirlanda seems to travel with its creator, becoming enriched year after year with new fascination and ideas, thanks to stylistic reinterpretations which reflect the soul of the designer and Vera Passione (Real Passion), the distinctive feature of the brand.

Ghirlanda Afrodite pays tribute to the Goddess of Love and Beauty, representing the irresistible power of passion, the force of which is expressed by the sky, the land and the sea. The line dedicated to Aphrodite combines pink gold with the soft femininity of pink quartz, the stone of Eternal Love and white and grey Moonstone, which has always been a gem linked to Love.

Haute Couture Jewelry Trends at Baselworld  (1)


The light of white diamonds lights up the jewellery in the collection with seductive dazzle. Ghirlanda Iside is inspired by the celestial Goddess, revealer of the real strength of women and symbol of the kindred soul. Chalcedonies with dark and light contrasts, moonstone and diamonds are set in white gold. The elements of water and air become colour, giving light to jewellery with infinite and mysterious appeal.

Haute Couture Jewelry Trends at Baselworld  (1)

Haute Couture Jewelry Trends at Baselworld  (2)

The regal necklaces, masterpieces of the Ghirlanda collection, are characterized by a double purpose: they can be worn as a precious necklace or as a bracelet.

They really caught the eye on this Baselworld 2015 edition. Pasquale Bruni will still show us the best of Haute Couture Jewelry.

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