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Albert Riele and the Swiss Made Timepieces

Albert Riele and the Swiss Made Timepieces – It is 1881. In Switzerland – the home of watchmaking – a traditional watch atelier under the name of Albert Riele is founded.

In the year 2013 the Albert Riele brand is bought by visionary investors, bringing it a new sparkle for the 21st century. Albert Riele has become a modern brand, with a tasteful logo that reflects its character and a whole array of fabulous timepieces, Swiss Made, of course. In 2016 Albert Riele celebrates its 135th anniversary. A special jubilee collection of unique watches has been created for this occasion – Family 1881.

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AlbertRiele swiss made timepieces-Baselworld 2015

Albert Riele redefines style. Its watches boldly embody perfect design solutions in a fresh, modern spirit. They are the answer to the question of what a contemporary, high-end wristwatch should look like. The design of Albert Riele timepieces is a meeting of tradition, an inherent measure of chic, with the youthful energy of their talented designers’ vision. Added to that is a hint of considered extravagance and exquisite detailing. The stylish and distinctive design of Albert Riele is the result of perfect coherence, where all elements of the watches are in harmony with each other.

AlbertRiele swiss made timepieces-baselworld 2015-watch brands

AlbertRiele swiss made timepieces-baselworld 2015-watch brands

AlbertRiele swiss made timepieces-baselworld 2015-watch brands



For Albert Riele it is much more than an essential feature. It is one of the foundations of the brand, a crucial element in the creation of its identity. The feeling of certainty and nobility that Albert Riele timepieces typically inspire comes from the Swiss Made quality in all aspects, guaranteed by the label. Albert Riele also stands for exceptional design, creating a deserved impression of unimpeachable manners together with a modern elegance.

Albert Riele attaches great importance to details. Perfect balance between aesthetic and functional features determines the distinctive character of the Albert Riele timepiece. It also sets the tone for the choice of materials and components: reliable quartz and mechanical Swiss movements, sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective coating, high quality stainless steel and butterfly clasp watch bands.

AlbertRiele_Family1881-Albert Riele and the Swiss Made Timepieces

Anti-reflective sapphire crystal. Highly resistant to scratching, makes the time easier to read and looks beautiful. Appears in most models. Selected ones feature the innovative use of convex crystal.

Water-resistance. For top quality practicality, Albert Riele watches feature greater water resistance extended to 50, or even 200 meters.

Stainless steel 316L. Albert Riele watch cases are made of high-grade steel, selected models feature a PVD colour coating.

Straps. Albert Riele timepieces are available with leather straps, snugly-fitted to the case, with butterfly clasp. Other models feature steel bracelets.

Watch hands and indices. They have, in most cases, a superluminescent coating, making them easier to read in poor light or in the dark.

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Albert Riele watch dials. They demonstrate that excellent design aids usability. They are a peerless combination of pragmatism and style.

Swiss movements. The precise time measurement in Albert Riele watches is all down to their renowned and reliable Swiss mechanisms: Ronda or ETA quartz movements and also Sellita or ETA mechanical ones.

Solidly fitted casebacks. The movements are protected by solidly fitted casebacks, depending on the model, either screwed in or down. They also bear the watch’s reference number as well as its main parameters.




Premiere. The first line in the new history of Albert Riele, defining the nature of the brand and setting it out on an ambitious path. The premium collection, containing timepieces with various functions, including chronographs.

AlbertRiele swiss made timepieces-baselworld 2015-watch brands

Concerto. A collection maintaining the Albert Riele style and fully reflecting its ideals.

Gala. A line for women. The watches embody all the ideals of Albert Riele in a gentler, beautifully feminised form. What stands out in the Gala line are the beautifully feminine models decorated with precious materials – mother-of-pearl and high-quality diamonds.

AlbertRiele_Gala_AlbertRiele_Family1881-Albert Riele and the Swiss Made TimepiecesFamily 1881. This jubilee collection of uniquely styled watches with additional functions commemorates the birth of a brand that will celebrate 135 years in 2016. Each model honors the Albert Riele brand its own unique way, whether through its sublime design or the elegance of its technology.

AlbertRiele_Family1881-Albert Riele and the Swiss Made Timepieces

AlbertRiele_Family1881-Albert Riele and the Swiss Made Timepieces


Family 1881 Limited Edition. Limited to 135 timepieces, these four unique pocket watches are flagship of the Family 1881 jubilee collection. Their exquisite and ingeniously constructed mechanisms are the perfect embodiment of the Albert Riele brand’s character. They pay tribute to tradition and yet are at the same time an expression of the company’s approach to form and presentation.

Premiere World Match Racing Limited Edition. The first official watch in the history of the World Match Racing Tour and the second Albert Riele watch devoted to sailing. Distinctive and limited to 500 timepieces, the model honours this beautiful sports discipline, where the desire for freedom gives rise to noble rivalry. The watch draws the eye with its class and dynamic style. Equipped with dedicated functions: a yachting timer and match racing timer up to 96 hours.

AlbertRiele_Gala_AlbertRiele_Family1881-Albert Riele and the Swiss Made Timepieces

Premiere PZJ Equestrian Limited Edition. Limited to 250 watches, this model grew out of respect towards the ideals of equestrian culture, ideals with which the Albert Riele brand has always identified. This elegant chronograph with its chestnut tones catches the eye with its unusual detail – the horseshoe-embellished hands of the stopwatch and date line.

AlbertRiele_Premiere_EquestrianLimitedEdition-Albert Riele and the Swiss Made Timepieces

Price Range

Premiere. Price Range: € 619 -1859

Concerto. Price Range: € 439-1239

Gala. Price Range: € 339-2439

Family 1881. Price Range: € 1699-3799



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