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High Security Luxury Safes

Loringhoven Safe Collection is the perfect solution for safekeeping the most valuables in your home or office. Made to measure high security luxury safes for private homes, these safes aren’t only impressive in their technical qualities but also in their design appearance. Loringhoven offers its customers a product of immaculate quality and highest security standards at a very competitive price.

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loringhoven security quality style




Your Loringhoven safe can be customizable, which means that you are free to choose its size, colour, exterior finish, functional features and interior fittings in accordance with your individual requirements according to your personal taste.

The interior of each safe can be furnished to meet individual requirements and wishes. There is a selection of shelves and drawers of different sizes to choose from, special trays for jewellery and watches as well as built-in watch winders for connoisseurs of expensive wristwatches


Made to measure high security luxury safes for private homes and offices  High Security Luxury Safes 111
Made to measure high security luxury safes for private homes and offices

The best seller is safe Amalia is a masterpiece totally clad in finest and most durable leather. Even the electronic keypad and the hinges are leather-coated. This safe is an example of creative design, excellent handicraft and very thorough choice of materials.

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Top View Safe Box


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