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Burst of Colors: a jewellery exhibition you can’t miss


If you are a fan of Graff‘s most expressive jewels and you just happen to be in Miami during Art Basel, then the exhibition Burst of Colors is a must for you during this week.

There is no doubt that Laurence Graff’s love for jewels and contemporary art led to the creation of some of the most amazing pieces ever seen. Diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and emeralds are all present in these fine accessories, each with a very unique look and feel to them.

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Of course, like any other artist and craftsman, Laurence Graff’ has had his inspirations, some of them being the artists Paolo Scheggi (Italy), Kazimir Malevich (Russia) and Cy Twombly (USA). In the case of Twombly, we can tell there were some notes taken in the case of the Luna earring collection (shown above).

As a matter of fact, Burst of Colors will feature jewels mostly inspired by Twombly’s work. One of the best examples we can point out is that of the Ruby and Diamond Necklace (seen above). With its 49.21-carat rubies and 46.24-carat diamonds, this unique jewel will make any woman dream of how it would be like to wear it.

This ring is also a real show-stopper! Its main attribute is, of course, the deep blue 27.63 cart cabochon sapphire. Its impossible to look at this ring and not gasp at its wonderful blue gem.

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Burst of Colors: a jewellery exhibition you can’t miss

While we’re still, on the topic of blue rings, another example that will be in this exposition is the Marquise Cut Blue Diamond Ring. Known as one of the rarest blue diamonds in the world. The marquise cut works efficiently for this ring, as well as the small diamonds around this beauty.

Burst of Colors: a jewellery exhibition you can’t miss

Last but not least we couldn’t miss mentioning the Multi-Colored Diamond Earrings. This pair has a multitude of cuts and hues combining several colored diamonds and gemstones.

Graff, the brand, has undoubtedly become a reference in the jewelry sector, having more than 60 stores all around the world, as well as having the reputation of giving a unique distinction to each piece created.

The exhibition Burst of Colors can be visited at Bal Harbour Shops, Miami until the 8th of December of this year.

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