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Luxury Watch Safe

Safes play a subservient role most of the time. They are heavy, cold, uniform and (mostly)uninteresting objects which only serve to protect the rare, the unique, the brittle and the priceless that is stored inside. The problem this creates is the stark contrast between the aesthetics, the sentiment and the general ‘mood’ represented by ordinary safes and the invaluable objects which they are meant to keep secure. In other words, ordinary safes scarcely match the levels of refinement that is seen in high-end timepieces and nor do they fit the styling of a luxury apartment’s bedroom… and who wants to stroll around his or her mansion only to pick up the watch for the day from an overprotected cupboard hidden away somewhere in the basement?

Today we are going to look at some brand’s solutions for the problems of the concerned watch collector.

Chronos STG

The Chronos STG by Brown Safe Manufacturing is constructed with military-grade ballistic armor. This is a direct counter the ultra-hard carbide drill bits the most serious of thieves would use.

Buben & Zorweg

Buben & Zorweg equipped the Magnum safe with an ‘pull and slide’ opening mechanism for the doors.


Hublot has teamed up with luxury safe manufacturer Doettling to create the Hublot Morphosis Watch Winder. This safe comes with an integrated sound system, which is controlled by the touch panel at the top.

Boca do Lobo present to us a series of solutions that comes in the form of luxury safes which incorporate some of the finest materials in their construction and are designed to look unique and aesthetically pleasing.


This collection called PRIVATE avowedly aspires to create such a blend of security and design that will meet the expectations of the most discerning buyers.

Take a best look at some of the watch winders of this collection.

Knox watch winder


See also the Luxury Safe Box with Watchwinders for Millionaires By Boca do Lobo.

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